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On request of the potential customer, Horsedeal handles the research of sports horses and ponies in Holland, and also in neighbouring Germany or Belgium.

The horse can be evaluated via video, but also tried directly (on request customer travel arrangement and accommodation can be organised).

Once a horse is selected, it will receive a veterinary evaluation and be shipped to the final destination with requested transportation by the client. All administrative procedures are handled by Horsedeal, relieving the purchaser from all responsabilities.


Horsedeal was born from an idea of the Italian rider Riccardo Barbetta who, thanks to twenty years of experience in trading sports horses and ponies matured in Italy as a family tradition, has learned to identify and assess the rider with the appropriate horse for a successful match.

During his show jumping career in Italy and Holland both nationally and internationally, he has acquired the ability to enhance the features and quality of the horses intended for a sports career. He will be able to create the harmony between each rider and his or her horse combining facts such as the horse’s age, temperament and attitude to the type of rider who will be able to better understand and develop his athletic potential.


To better meet the specific need and expectations of each client, we will request in advance information about the characteristics of the requested horse/pony. We will plan researching the perfectly suited horse on the basis of the planned use, the physiognomy and the experience of those who will ride him.


We invite you to fill the form which will enable Horsedeal to gather crucial information, directing us to find the perfect horse/pony for your needs.

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