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Horsedeal searches and selects horses and ponies from Holland for all level riders.


We specialize in jumping, military, and dressage horses but anyone with a passion for any discipline may contact us. We will do our best to help you find the ideal partner to share adventures, experiences and emotions with.




Our company is based in The Nederland in the region Gelderland, famous for breeding horses.

Thanks to this strategic location we are able to go to auctions, stables, breeders, and private owners. We are also able to keep a close eye on the show circuit to verify the quality and behavior of the horses.

Upon contacting you and listening to your needs, we will be able to identify the horses best suited to meet your needs, we will show you photos and videos and, if you would like, we will be able to organize an  on-site visit of the horse and you will be able to ride it.

Browse these pages to get to know us better and evaluate all the services we offer.


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